Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Need For Impulse Control

I know "The Need For Impulse Control" may seem like an odd title but here's why .......

Saturday night hubby and I were having a typical Saturday night, like ya do.  Suddenly I proclaimed "WE NEED BROWNIES!!!"  Mind you, this is pretty late on Saturday night.  As soon as the oven was set to pre-heat I checked a recipe, checked the pantry, checked another recipe, checked the fridge.  This went on for about 4 or 5 recipes before I found one for which I had all the ingredients.  I promptly buttered a pan, mix up everything and popped them in the oven.  Soon that intoxicating "something yummy is baking in the oven" smell hit me and I desperately needed ice cream to go on top of these brownies. 

For a moment I contemplated sending the hubby to the grocery with very strict instructions to bring back the best brownie topping ice cream he could find.  Poor hubby was already dealing with an insane baking wife late at night so I tried to figure out how I could spare him.  AH!  There was heavy cream in my fridge that only had 2 days left before it was destined for the drain.  I stashed a bowl and a whisk in the freezer and waited out the longest 5 minutes of the day.  Out they came and in went the cream and I whisked and whisked and whisked until my arm fell off, then I whisked with my left arm.  I soon remembered that famous quote from Princess Bride.  "I'm not left handed!"  So I started whisking with my right again (it had grown back by this time).  When I had whipped cream I add a little superfine sugar and then whisked some more.

Beep went the oven, BROWNIE TIME!  But they had to cool, at least a little.  I didn't wait very long before I cut into them and asked the hubby if he wanted a side, the center or a corner.  Is there a more important question in brownie serving?  I think not.  I topped his corner with a big, healthy glop of whipped cream and got him a fork.  Apparently this is how you make a man happy while he's playing WoW.  Turns out it's also how you make his game friends jealous, double wife points!  I served myself next and sat down to the most satisfying, whipped cream topped brownie I could remember.

And that is why I need impulse control.  From now on I vow to only bake on days (or nights) that end in Y.


  1. Oh Wow!!! Kelli, these look amazing. I haven't had a brownie in ages -- and I can totally relate to late night cravings. Cravings in general. Yum...
    Erin (check out the Friday Potluck -- this would make an awesome potluck piece!)

  2. middle of the night chocolate is never a bad idea :)


  3. Yum they look delicious. Its 10.30 at night and now I'm craving brownies. For me the middle brownie is always the best bit.