Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cupcakes Dreams

I woke up too early this morning and then had trouble getting back to sleep.  Not so much trouble as I just didn't get back to sleep at all.  Even all snuggled in my cozy bed with kitties on my chest, arm and feet sleep was evil and evasive.  What happens to the brain when sleep won't happen?  Cupcake dreams!  I think I've formulated the perfect method for S'Mores Cupcakes.  I hadn't planned to bake cupcakes again just yet but this weekend it may be inevitable.  I dreamed of the perfect placement for each component, where to put the graham cracker, how to incorporate the marshmallow and what types of chocolate I would use.  My brain even went so far as to decide which order I will need to prepare each part.

Once I had the S'Mores Cupcakes all planned out and perfect I drifted right off to sleep.  That's what you were expecting to read isn't it?  Of course that's not what happened!  Instead I moved on to Rumfetti Cake.  Oh yes!  That's funfetti with rum.  Is it crazy or is it perfect?  I'm not sure but I have a feeling I'll find out soon.  I'm thinking funfetti cake, from scratch, brushed with a rum infused soaking syrup then filled and topped with a rum infused buttercream.  Sometime between now and the time I actually make it I might spruce that up a little more but for now that's the idea.  Oh!  Oh!  Coconut in the frosting!?  I think maybe yes.

After that I pretty much gave up on sleep, got up and worked out.  Maybe now that both of those are all worked out and planned I can sleep like a rock tonight.  If not, I'll let you know what I dream of tonight.

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  1. I love that there are other people that dream about cupcakes. My boyfriend once told me that i had been talking in my sleep, telling him "its all about the cupcakes." I'm looking forward to see what you come up with.