Monday, September 20, 2010

The Best Biscuits I've Ever Eaten (or made)

Friday night, in anticipation of a giant meal I would be making with my sister, I made buttermilk biscuits.  I had planned a rotisserie chicken in my Baby Foreman along with mashed potatoes, green peas and apple pie.  Hubby reminded me that he would need gravy.  Since I don't like gravy I tend to forget that other people do.  I figured if he needed gravy he probably need biscuits too.  They go together from what I understand.

My brain flashed to a page in Bake Wise  and something about grace and biscuits.  So, Friday night, I made Shirley Corriher's "Touch-of-Grace" Southern Biscuits.  I love the way she describes things in her recipes.  When talking about the dough she says "it should be a wet mess."  Haha, good to know that if I am staring at a wet mess I'm doing something right!

I followed her clear instructions carefully and ended up with a dish of beautiful pre-baked biscuits.  Shaping each one felt like playing with floured Gak .  I found it very entertaining and I may have giggled here and there.  When they were almost done baking I melted a little salted butter to brush on top of them (even though the recipe says to use unsalted.)

Once they were brushed WELL with butter I moved quickly through the invert, reinvert and separate steps so that I could get to the best step of all .... BUTTER AND EAT!  I tried the first bite dry.  I suppose I should say "without additional butter."  There is nothing dry about these biscuits at all.  They're light and tender and juicy.  I tried the next bite with a little butter.  It melted joyfully into the little holes.  I ate the rest of my first biscuit the way I love biscuits best, with butter and jam.  A little glop of blackberry jam on a biscuit is heaven if you ask me.  They also became breakfast Saturday morning, a side for dinner Saturday night and a snack for hubby on Sunday.  I highly recommend making, and eating, these often!


  1. These look amazing, kind of like Sister Shuster's biscuits that I was recently introduced to...funny about forgetting the gravy. I agree with you...YUCK!

  2. i cheat with the gravy. tony chacharie (which i never spell right) makes a canned mix. we have brown and white in the pantry. either one takes about 5 minutes and (i hear) is really good.