Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Darling Readers, I Love L.

Today was kind of a crummy day.  I'm nursing a back injury.  Some people who I called for my somewhat secretarial job YELLED at me because they were mad at a whole different company.  I couldn't workout (see back injury.)  All together that made for a less than desirable day until .....

Hubby came home from work and checked the mail.  "Hey babe, did you order something?"  Well, I did order a pound of organic cinnamon from herbalcom but that doesn't look like a pound of cinnamon.  I bravely used a pen to open the very well taped legal size envelope and I found pretty pink tissue paper inside with something a little cupcakey looking beneath it.  I showed that tissue paper no mercy as I dug to find the cutest cupcake apron in the world nestled within!  One of you, my dear darling readers, has sent me a cupcake apron and I love it!  I love you too btw.  Not only did you send me an awesome apron but you single handedly (maybe you used two hands, I can't be sure) fixed my crummy day.  Thank you, awesome person!

Since I am not done up, made up or fixed up in any way right now you'll have to admire the apron on it's own.  I promise to provide pictures of it in action soon!

Thank you, L, for the awesome apron!!!

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  1. What a wonderful surprise! Glad your day improved!