Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apple Pie Done Right

A friend gave me the 'Le Cordon Bleu Professional Baking' book.  He attended and he doesn't bake.  That just works in my favor!  Remember after pie-tons I said I wanted to make a "real" apple pie?  Well, this is it.

This was my second attempt at homemade pie crust.  It turned out MUCH better than my first.  I used the enriched pie crust recipe because I was so afraid of it falling apart and the egg seemed like a good fix.  The crust had to sit in the fridge before using but then it rolled out beautifully.  I didn't want a plain top crust but I didn't feel like weaving either.  I saw on someone else's blog (I forget who, I'm sorry) that they had cut the dough into flowers and laid them on top.  This seemed like a good and fun solution so I went with it.  I really like the way it turned out.

While I was rolling out the dough, making shapes and doing other randomness my sister was making the insides, the pie guts if you will.  Hubby loves walnuts with his baked apples so we went with the "and walnut" variation.  The apples cooked on the stove with butter and sugar and all kinds of goodness.  Even tho my sister entirely handled this part of making the pie she claims "I stirred."  Hahaha, she stirred also.

After letting the pie guts cool for a bit we poured them into the bottom crust and topped it with our shapes.  That was fun.  Toward the end of the baking time I made some whipped cream (not pictured) and prepared myself mentally for the yumminess that was on the way.  We managed to wait until it was cooler than piping hot before we ate, still hot enough to melt the cream on contact.  This pie was everything I'd hoped an apple pie could be but with a crunch of walnuts to top it off.  Enjoy.

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