Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Littlest Sister Is A Bad Influence Cookies

Friday the hubby and my middle liddle sister and I (and my dog) drove to the north shore of New Orleans to visit mom and our whole family.  It's rare that mom and all her girls are in the same place at the same time so it was really exciting.  To kick off the weekend we "celebrated."  Ok, to be fair, we celebrated the whole time but that's just how we are.

After shrimp creole, ribs, bread and wine for dinner we played a game of cards.  Playing 'Phase 10' while eating popcorn and or ice cream is a family tradition.  We top of this great ritual with some sort of judgment impairing liquid, irish whiskey in this case.  After all of this my littlest sister asked for cookies.  (Doesn't she have beautiful eyes?)  In our collective weakened state this seemed like a really good idea.  She asked my middle liddle sister to make them for her.  My hubby, btw, had already snuck off to bed.

Middle liddle decided that she needed a shower.  She told us that if we collected all of the ingredients on the island she would bake for us after her shower.  Littlest and I busied ourselves with finding oatmeal and flour and chocolate chips and other flavorings that made sense.  I warmed up the eggs under luke warm water and set the butter out.  Then I stood there staring at all these things that desperately wanted to be cookies and decided that it was cruel to make them wait.  So I started measuring and pouring and mixing.  Middle liddle showed up just before they went into the oven and laughed at my impatience. 

Mom was fast asleep.  I'm surprised we didn't wake her up with all of our mixing, giggling and baking noises.  Biggest little sister was on the south shore visiting with friends she hadn't seen in months.  As the cookies were coming out of the oven (4 batches?  maybe only 3, who knows) we gobbled up nice warm cookies.  I put two on a plate and took them up to sleeping hubby.  He didn't seem too happy to see me, or them, but he must have enjoyed them because when I finally went to bed his plate was all clean and waiting for me on the nightstand.

The remaining cookies (there were plenty!) served as back up treats for the two family parties on Saturday.  There were enough left that each sister could have a care package for their respective treks home.

(These are the recipe from the Quaker oatmeal top with chocolate chips instead of raisins plus a little nutmeg and something else which I have since forgotten, ooops.)



  1. Love chocolate oatmeal cookies! Looks like you have a fun family!

  2. They are awesome. .... my family. well, the cookies too but i meant my family :)

  3. Okay, I would never be able to eat just one of these delightful cookie morsels!

    Bon appetit!