Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Banana Nut Muffins, yum

On Saturday I made Banana Nut Muffins.  I used the Banana Muffins recipe on page 370 of The Cookie and Biscuit Bible  This book is CHEAP and full of really great looking stuff.  You should grab a copy and start baking.

I omitted the raisins and added 1/2 cup of roasted pecans.  I just broke up some pecans and threw them in a small skillet over medium heat, shaking it now and then, until the smelled kinda toasty.  Then I measured out 1/2 cup from there.  I didn't use papers on these, I just greased the tins with butter and went for it.

These muffins have a wonderful aroma while baking.  The hubby had a little trouble waiting for them to cool before diving in.  He slathered one with butter (I don't think they needed butter, they aren't dry at all) and scarfed one down almost immediately.  He then declared them the best muffins he's ever had, ever.  The recipe promised a dozen and yielded a dozen.  Sometimes I get a few more than the stated yield but not this time.  I think next time I might do a double batch, there will be a next time by the way. 

I did stash a few in my freezer.  I set some out on parchment paper on a shelf in my freezer for a couple of hours and then moved them into a freezer bag.  I'm hoping the initial freeze will keep them from sticking together in the bag.

On a side note, I went to Ross this weekend and picked up a few cute plates.  If you know me you'll know why I got this one!

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