Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Candy Filled Cupcakes

Looks delicious already doesn't it?  Today you get to read about chocolate cupcakes filled with mini Reese's cups and topped with peanut buttercream.  I've made these twice in the last couple of weeks.  This was my first time to really modify a cake recipe and that made me a little nervous.  Baking can be so particular and if one little thing is off things just don't work out.  I am very pleased to say that these came out beautifully, both times.

The first time I made them it was just because I had seen the idea somewhere (I wish I could remember where) and decided to make some for a pool party and keep the rest for the hubby.  Hubby's favorite candy is Reese's.  These went well.  I modified the cake recipe because I found the chocolate cupcake recipe I use to use a little dry.  I also modified the frosting recipe by adding a smidgen of cocoa powder for flavor and a little corn starch to help it hold up better.  I think the cocoa was a nice flavor addition and the corn starch was a REALLY good idea.

I started by freezing the candy cups so that their wrappers would come off cleanly.  Then I prepared the batter and added half to the baking cups, dropped in the candy and then added the rest of the batter.  I am now IN LOVE with using an ice cream scoop to add batter to baking cups! 

I was so excited about how they turned out!  I posted pics of them on facebook.  One person said they looked happy.  Haha, I have to agree.  A friend saw them and sent me a message asking me if I wouldn't mind making a dozen for her hubby's birthday.  She was worried about the short notice but I told her it was no problem and went out hunting for new cupcake liners and a box.  Ok, I probably need to admit to my cupcake liner buying addiction.  It's not serious yet but at some point it may require treatment.  Hubby also informed me that cake boxes filled with cuppies are hard for some people to carry, so I now put cake boards in the bottom of the box.  He's right, it's easier to carry now.  Shhhh, don't tell him I said he was right.  The birthday cupcakes got a different swirl on top because I wanted to play around.  My friend was happy with them and her hubby, who is also a friend of hubby and me, let me know that he really enjoyed them.  CUPCAKE SUCCESS!  These are definitely going on my "menu."


  1. These look FAB!! I don't bake that often, but I'm always up for trying something that has Reese's as their my fave candy!!!

  2. I was looking for a way to use all my Valentine's chocolates (I'm a teacher). I love Reeses and I got a lot! Can't wait to try these!!!