Monday, August 30, 2010

Congratulatory Cupcakes part 3 .... Red Velvet

The final dozen I sent to work with the hubby were red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  The cream cheese was way too soft so I added some corn starch and about 18 pounds more powdered sugar .... or maybe just 1 pound.  The recipe called for a milk and flour mixture to be added to the cream cheese and sugar mix.  For piping I think the milk/flour could have been left out for a much better texture.  I'm sure the original would have been wonderful for spreading on a cake.  The frosting was still decadent, even with all the extra sugar and the cake was wonderful.  Long ago I loved red velvet, then I used a recipe I just didn't like.  Now that I've found this recipe I am absolutely in love again.  The flavor, the texture, the lightness .... it's all a little blissful if you ask me.

Today I started some whole wheat sour dough from starter I keep in my fridge.  I'll bake that tomorrow and update about it later.  I can't wait to taste that sour sweetness!

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