Saturday, August 28, 2010

Congratulatory Cupcakes part 2 .... CHOCOLATE

The story is the same as the last batch but this time it's the chocolate.   Along with the 2 dozen yellow cupcakes I sent a dozen (plus a few) chocolate cupcakes to hubby's work.  Mmmmmmm, chocolate.  I used the recipe I adapted for my Reese's filled cupcakes for the cake with just a slight tweak, I found that my original adaptation left mouths craving water.  These were better and actually baked up nicer.  My sister and her friend helped with the leftovers and both gave them the big thumbs up.  They look very similar to the yellow cake but you might notice the delicious chocolateness peaking out from under the frosting.

Here's a little note on ganache.  When I made these I started with a recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum  The flavor was great but it was meant to frost a cake and not to be piped so it was rather thin.  I kept melting and adding more chocolate until it became pipeable (yes, pipeable.)  Last night Shirley O Corriher taught me a lot about ganache and gave me formulas for pourable, spreadable and pipeable ganache.  I'm generally math phobic but I will hesitantly admit that there are cases when a good formula can come in handy, and when it's something as simple as "use twice as much chocolate as cream" that's pretty easy to follow.  Someday soon Shirley just might win me over with all her baking math but for now ... I'll just enjoy cupcakes.

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