Friday, August 27, 2010

Congratulatory Cupcakes part 1

Hubby and his friends at work have been busting their booties to finish the game they've been working on for about 2 years.  Def Jam's Rapstar will be a rap karaoke type game and it's getting incredible reviews so far.  It's going to have all kinds of cool features that no music game has had in the past and it has better technology so you score better if you don't just bluff your way thru.  Best of all it will look amazing because Hubby is the lead artist (he's amazing) and he has 2 great artists working under him.

Since they've been working hard I made them 4 dozen cupcakes and sent them to work with him.  I did it a little prematurely since they're still putting some finishing touches on the game but I know they all deserved a treat.  I made 3 flavors and today I'm posting about the yellow cake.  I topped some yellow cake with brightly colored buttercream and the rest with ganache.  Personally, I preferred the ganache but I'm a big chocoholic.  Mixing the colors for the buttercream was fun.  They came out looking bold and exciting, they tasted pretty yummy as well. 


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