Saturday, June 19, 2010

Many Seed Bread

OK, I've finished the "Many Seed Bread" from Artisan Breads Everyday by Peter Reinhart.  I made one sandwich loaf and some rolls.  Hubby greatly approves and I happen to think they're pretty amazing too.

The dough started out a little dry but with an extra teaspoon or two it was just right.  I let it rise over night, all morning and most of the afternoon in the fridge and then shaped it and let it proof for a couple of hours on the counter.  I baked the rolls first to give the loaf a little extra time to rise.  Please enjoy the (almost) step by step photos since you can't enjoy the bread.

Before rising in the fridge.

After rising close to 18 hours.

Set out to proof for 2 hours.

Rolls done!

Loaf done!

Oven's revenge!

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