Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Future!

Right now is the calm before the storm!  Tomorrow I will bake 2 6" round lemon cakes, make the lemon curd filling, the raspberry filling and the buttercream.  I will torte and fill the cakes and then let them rest (read squish here).  Saturday I will frost and decorate it on Saturday and then deliver it to my friend's party that night. 

Sunday my sister comes into town and we're making sour dough bread Sunday night or Monday.  I'm using Peter Reinhart's recipe again.  Last time I made the faster version which is supposed to have a milder flavor.  This time I will make the slower one and see how much more sour it really is.  Don't worry, I'll let you know.

Tuesday I'm making some cupcakes.  I know that they'll be vanilla.  I'm tempted to try different fillings in some of them.  Of course I'll post pictures of those once they're done.  I have some ideas for decorating them but I haven't hammered out all the details yet.

Also on Tuesday I'd like to make 2 more loaves of Many Seed Bread.  One will be to take to my mom and the other will be to leave home with the hubby and his brother.  This time I will leave the sesame seeds off the top because they just kept falling off and making messes everywhere.

My sister and I seem incapable of hanging out without baking chocolate chip cookies so there is a great danger that may happen as well!  I'm sure we won't need them with everything else there is to make and eat but it's tradition.

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  1. Super excited about the cake. Thank you for being so awesome, which I'm sure I'll thank you for again as my mouth is full of cake.

    It might sound sorta like this... dank yo fo... nom nom nommm... being awesome.