Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anthony Bourdain

The other day a friend suggested that I read Anthony Bourdain.  He was reading Medium Raw and asked if I was familiar with his books.  I'm not.  Next week I'm going on a road trip with my sister and then flying home alone so I believe I will be in need of some reading material.

Here's a question I will pose to all of you.  Which one should I start with?  Which have you read?  Which do you like best?  OR .... What other culinary books would you recommend?  I'll throw some of his books on my wishlist so you can find links that way if you'd like.  Otherwise simple or complex answers to those questions will be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I have some sour dough starter going on my counter!  YUM!  There will be sour dough bread in time for the road trip!


  1. "Kitchen Confidential" was the only book of his that I read, so I can only suggest that one. It's a fairly quick read.