Monday, January 24, 2011

Kelli's Famous Peppermint Bark

Since my husband has been at his current company I've made peppermint bark every Christmas, as gifts for his co-workers.  Somehow my peppermint bark has become famous.  I really don't understand it, it's so simple.  Last year one guy left the company to go travel and requested a batch for himself.  This Christmas I made some trays of treats.  Someone told me they saw the bark in the kitchen but didn't eat it because they didn't know who had made it.  When I told them it was mine they went and put a stack of it on a napkin and brought it back to their desk.  Honestly, I don't understand it, it's so simple.

So here it is .... my famous (for some reason) peppermint bark.

How To:

You'll need one large baking sheet, heavy duty aluminum foil, one package chocolate bark coating, one package vanilla, almond or white chocolate bark coating, 6 candy canes.

Line your baking sheet with foil, wrapping it up over the sides.  Unwrap candy canes and smash them up into bits.  A food processor is the easy way but if you have a young helper you can put the candy canes in a zip top bag and let the little one smash them with a mallet, heavy spoon or rolling pin.  Melt the chocolate bark in a double boiler or the microwave, DO NOT OVERHEAT.  Pour it into the baking sheet and spread it even with a heat resistant spatula.  Allow to cool and harden.  Melt white bark.  I'll often melt my white bark in the double boiler so that it takes more time.  It helps me deal with the impatience of waiting for the chocolate to harden.  Pour the melted white bark onto the cooled chocolate bark.  Sprinkle candy cane bits onto hot bark and pat down gently.  Allow it all to cool COMPLETELY and then break into pieces.


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  1. Wonderful, easy treat. Some things can't be explained just bask in the glory...ehehehe.