Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Desserts

Ok, I'm leapfrogging the pumpkin bread I made to tell you about Thanksgiving.  I'll come back to the pumpkin bread, I promise.

Hubby's mom has become addicted to my (Shirley's) chocolate chip cookies.  I feel safe saying that if I'd showed up to Thanksgiving dinner without them SHE would have divorced me on the spot.  I made about 4 dozen and set a dozen aside for her.  I got a good laugh every time I heard her tell someone to "try the cookies, the ones with opium in them."  Haha, like I said, she's addicted.

Hubby's aunt requested Banana Bread Pudding.  I wasn't quite sure how to handle it since I couldn't cook it on site and it's amazing served warm but only 'eh' served cold.  I baked it LATE the night before to minimize the time between baking and serving as much as possible.  I wrapped it in foil and toted it along.  Then we just covered the top with foil to warm it up in the oven for 15 minutes.  (I cheated and rewarmed the rum sauce in the microwave.)  I have to be honest and say that the reheating dried it out a little.  This is absolutely something that should be served immediately on coming out of the oven. 

Finally, I made Chocolate Almond Toffee.  Sadly (hahahaha), it didn't all fit in the box I was using to bring it to Houston so some of it is here.  It went pretty quick.  Toffee is just one of those candies that you take a bite of and then you pick up another piece and have another bite.  You continue to have "just one more bite" until it's all gone.  It's just the nature of toffee to be amazing.

Aside from the 3 dishes I brought there were 2 tables of desserts!  Everything I tried was delicious.  There were turkeys prepared 3 ways.  I had smoked turkey and I'm sold!  Lots and lots and lots of other food and everything was great.  It's a good thing there was so much food because there were a good 50 people and lots of us stuck around for a leftover dinner.

I also attained a new, beautiful, necklace.  My little cousin (well, hubby's little cousin) Lizzy will be 18 all too soon.  I met her 2 weeks before she turned 3 and now she's just under 2 weeks from 18.  Wow, I'm getting old!  ANYHOW, she and a friend have been making jewelry.  Necklaces and bracelets and now they're starting to make rings.  Lizzy brought a bunch of necklaces to see if any of the aunts or cousins wanted to buy anything.  I was glancing over them.  Some weren't my personality and others were.  She had a good variety available and all of them were pretty and well made.  Then I saw it.  A dragonfly necklace with black and grey toned beads.  Seriously, it's as if she made it for me.  When she gets her Etsy store up I'll have to let you know. 

This week I'll be making my birthday cake .... a devil's food with cream cheese frosting.  I probably should try to make a loaf of bread as well.  Not sure what kind of bread I'll make.  I'll have 4 - 6 family members in town so I feel like I should probably feed them.  People appreciate eating, right?  Hm?  Maybe I should make something else too.  I do need to find a "new" thing to make for my other blog.  Any ideas?



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