Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oatmeal Cookies Two Ways

My husband doesn't like raisins in food.  I'm not sure if he's broken or if this is acceptable.  Whatever the case may be I am always required to make my oatmeal cookies raisin free.  This time my sister needed to bring a large quantity of oatmeal cookies to work so we made two batches, one with chocolate chips (for the broken people) and one with raisins.  YAY RAISINS!

The recipe called for the raisins to be soaked in very hot water for 10 minutes so that they didn't steal moisture from the cookies.  I'd never really considered that would be an issue but we went with it.  Of course, being the daughter's of our mother, we added a little rum to the hot water.  Yep, we love rum.  With oatmeal, cinnamon, walnuts and rum soaked raisins (or chocolate chips .... for the broken people) these cookies were delicious.  Sis said her co-workers were asking for the recipe.

Since this is my second EXTREMELY successful cookie from Shirley O Corriher (out of the two I've tried) I'm a little inspired to work my way through the cookie section of Bake Wise.  What can I say?  She's a genius!

disclaimer:  i do not actually believe that raisin haters are broken.  they're just .... raisin haters.


  1. do you ever post recipes or is this just a constant plug for Bake Wise?

  2. i do LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her recipes. i only post a recipe if it's my own or if it's adapted. i don't feel right about posting someone else's recipe as is.